Stress management  - the transformation to feel good

  My name is Katarzyna Kaszyńska. I am the Transformation Process Facilitator.  
I help to eliminate or reduce your stress, fears, phobias and transform the limiting beliefs. My method is a combination of different approaches to achieve the best results immediately. I have called  it :  Quantum Re-Building.
It is sufficient to have 1, maximum 3 meetings to achieve your goal. The result is immediate and longlasting (permanent).
The session includes the stress management short training which gives you the tools to be used in your daily life. To stay balanced and enjoy each day.
The negative stress, described later more in details, can be encountered in all walks of our life.
There are many examples but to limit to the most important types:
-stress at work. Everyday difficult discussion, deadlines, pressure, ambition, responsibilities. Comparisons and judgements
-stress in relations with people
- all kinds of phobia and fear: to fly, to be in a small space, spiders etc. ; limiting beliefs 
-stress concerning the past events like accidents, loss, grief, medical treatments etc.
-stress concerning an upcoming event: a surgery, visiting a dentist, a public appearance, an exam 
-and many more.
Stress at work
Two basic scenarios:
-the positive environment. The stress itself is more an excitement, it motivates you to act.
-every strong and prolonged stress is destructive and it limits the general possibilities.
The stress reduction enables you to be in balance, again. It allows you to keep your wellbeing. The destructive power of stress reduces your creativity, development and life satisfaction. It creates the limiting beliefs and blocks your emotions.  Sounds familiar?
Treat this situation as another goal or project: to manage stress, to achieve a balance and to feel well, again.  Just one session is sufficient to reduce your stress level. The stress reduction is immediate and permanent. It is you who conciously decides and makes changes of your perception and approach. I am simply a process facilitator.
Stress - what is it?
Stress is a natural reaction of our body. It is to bring you to start acting.
The problem begins when the stress is strong and longlasting.
"In the medical or biological context it is a physical, mental and/or emotional factor that causes the bodily or mental tension. Stress can have external reasons (from the environment and/or social situations) or internal reasons ( illness, way of thinking). Stress can initiate  "the fight or flight" response", which is a complex reaction of neurologic and endocrinologic systems."
The stress can be:
-positive=  eustress - short and invigorating
-negative = distress - long, strong and destructive or sudden shock with the longlasting impact.
Our body and mind react to, so called, stressors.
Dr.Hans Selye, the well known endocrinologist, stated that every illness was caused by the poor stress management.
We usually do not realize how harmful any distress is.
Our digestive system doesn"t work well, the same the circulation which is not supported by the proper breathing. The regeneration process is impaired and many other standard functions become incorrect.
It also has an influence on the early aging.
Limiting beliefs
The limiting beliefs do not support our development and wellbeing. They are stored in our subconciousness and under the standard circumstances we do not have any access to them.  It is a pity because these beliefs are "our remote control", a programm we are not aware of. This is why it is so important to take into consideration their influence  and to transform the ones which do not support us.
A few examples of the limiting beliefs:
-I do not deserve...
-I will never be healthy, wealthy...
-I am not educated/good enough...
All stress can be reduced quickly and completely, all limiting beliefs can be transformed.
Only 1-3 meetings are needed for the transformation of undesiderable beliefs, attitides and thoughts. Tt is sufficient when applying my method (MDW). You decide, you make it and I facilitate the process. 
I would like to invite you for this particular training. I am convinced you will not be disappointed. You can only regret you have decided so late to come .
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